Friday, April 5, 2013

Writers and workshops ... a romance

We do love workshops, don't we? Getting into your character workshops, how to get published workshops, developing your narrative workshops, get that novel finished! workshops.

We love them so much because we spend so much time all alone, writing writing writing. We need to talk to someone about the writing. We need to share the writing. We need some help with the writing. We need some perspective on the writing. We need to figure out how to publish the writing.

And sometimes we just need a break.

Kingston Writers Workshop will be offering a series of writers workshops starting in the fall of 2013. So far the line up includes a day-long session called "Mysteries of Publishing Revealed: What Writers Need to Know From Publishers, Marketers, Editors, and Designers."

Sounds fun, no?

Another workshop will be delivered by broadcaster and speech coach Carl Richards: public speaking for writers--interviewing, TV and radio skills, how to read at your launch, sound bites, and more.

Some of us adore the spotlight. Some of us would like some help, please. Carl helps!

Who *is* Kingston Writers Workshop? We are editor Carla Douglas and (UpStart Press) author Melanie Dugan and yours truly, the Christina Decarie half of UpStart Press. (Who did our cool logo? The other half of UpStart Press, Darryl Joel Berger.)

Drop us a line if you'd like to be contacted about Kingston Writers Workshops in the future.

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