Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Uncommon Magic for Your Book Club!

Nearly thirty years ago, Bronwen Wallace wrote of the common magic that makes up our lives, of the “sudden miracles, that breathe there.”

Since 1981, the writing group that Bronwen Wallace began at St. Lawrence College has been breathing into the lives of its members, breathing into writing, making little miracles.

Bronwen wrote about the common magic that made everyday life happen. But a writing group lasting for thirty years—even for thirty weeks—is not so common. In fact, it is a rarity.

For three decades, this group has supported old pros and those still learning their craft. It has given voice to writers without an audience. It has given the solitary, community. This anthology—a reflection of thirty years of writing from a diverse, ever-changing group of writers—is a testament to its legacy and evidence of magic. Uncommon magic.

* * *

There is a natural relationship between writing groups and book clubs. Both love the written word. Both bring process and experience out of solitude and into community. Both find intellectual and spiritual delight in sharing the creative experience. Many book club members write. All writing group members read.

Uncommon Magic offers your book club the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the creative process of writers—often writers living in your own community—and to explore the relationship between writers, readers, and even ourselves as both.

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217 pages | paperback | $25 | ISBN 978-0-9783774-4-1

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